Want that lil extra oomph to get you fully unleashed in the shortest time possible? Girl, that's what I want for you too!

And you are the exact reason why I offer my Personal Brand Mastery Program which is designed for Boss Women like you that just want that extra oomph! Because your sick or being overworked, time poor and burnt out.


You KNOW you are capable of so much more but, seriously, your over the courses and the coaching that has done nothing but sucked up your time, your energy and your dollars. I get it, you don't want to spend the next 6 weeks adding another 'thing' to your schedule [because nobody's got time for that right?!] and you most definitely don't want to remain in the same place [or even worse]...


Say hello to the Personal Brand Mastery Program. 


In this self paces learning program and during our 6 weeks together we go deep, and I mean deep, into what is keeping you from what you really want, what is holding you back and limiting you from becoming the Authority, Thought Leader and Go-To- Expert in your field and how together we can create your in-demand brand that is going to fully unleash you, see you doing what you love and getting handsomely paid for it!

This 6 week Personal Brand Program is based on my Unique Personal Brand Method that, as you will learn, has three core pillars that alone are great but when combined using my unique method are unlike anything that you have ever been taught or experienced with any other coach or mentor before. Using my unique methodology for Personal Branding [The Personal Brand MethodTM] you WILL create your in-demand brand and step into your unleashed self!

This program includes self paced training, worksheets, resources and all you need so you get the goods (paying clients) without the extra work load!


We both know you're destined for big things, so make this the most powerful YES you have ever made and enroll today! 

Personal Brand Mastery Program

  • Unlike any other program you have completed before.

    Included in this program is: 

    • self paced study environment 
    • coach and mentoring support for the duragion
    • mentoring,
    • strategy,
    • belief busting,
    • money relationships,
    • foundations
    • + more

    To build out your personal brand so that you can do what you love and get paid handsomely for it.

    This is delivered through:

    • 6 weekly group coaching calls with Simone 
    • Initial 90 day roadmap (90 minute workshop)
    • 6 live Q&A sessions
    • Additional video/audio trainings
    • Private access to call recordings, task guides and additional resources in the membership area 
    • Weekly accountability & implimentation tasks
    • Opportunity to have your brand published to over 9000 subscribers in BRANDED Magazine. 
    • The unleashed version of you - the one that nobody can f*** with because you know who you are, you know what you're on this earth to do and you have the brand to leverage and support that! 


  • A 30 day money back guarantee is given when you join the calls, show you have completed the work within the first 90 days and have not achieved any results. 

    Just email support@simonegriffiths.com with all your work and request and my freindly team will get onto it.