Where to start when building your brand

How can we get from 0 to 100 with our business? I love this prospect of starting from the ground up. I have done this with multiple businesses and friend, let me tell you it will be fun, it will be tiresome, it will be hard work and literally blood, sweat, and tears but my favourite part, it will be a journey! No matter where you are at with your entrepreneurial journey, if you are at the beginning, gaining momentum or achieving your success every day we all have, need and want to grow our brands.

First, let's take a step back, back to when we decided that being an entrepreneur is the way to go. My journey starts back when I was 4-5 I convinced my brother to start a band with me, I was lead singer obviously and he was to use our little table as a drum kit. With this, we planned that we could make some money by charging our parents and their friends to watch us. Oh my gosh, that must have been gruelling but for that brief moment, we thought we were rockstars. We must have made $6 in our first show. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I remember thinking ok if we can get $6 from that, we can do more so I began negotiations with my parents about chores and pay. Coming up with ideas and ways to make money from hustling even though back then I didn’t know I was a hustler, nor did I know I would one day be here recording this podcast for you but here we both are.

Now, I didn’t brand properly back then which is why I am no Beyonce today but I am older, wiser and more brand savvy so branding today is much higher on my list in comparison.

Branding is not something that gets easier the more you grow, so I want to get real for a minute up in here, if you are not prepared to do the work then this podcast isn’t for you. I want to speak with these entrepreneurs who are willing to do what it takes, those who through failures and success keep on rising and those who are prepared to do the work. Because my friends, it's in that, it is in the work that the magic happens.

So, hustler, you want to take your business to the next level but your branding is off point. You want to get more clients, be seen and stand out in a saturated market, have your business be noticed. I want to go into three key things that are going to help you with all of this. You just have to do the work.

The brand message is where a lot of people come unstuck because they are not clear on 3 key things that I truly believe are important for any business.

Number 1 - they have no idea who they would love to work with, who they would love to serve, yes friends, I am talking about your dream client. Now I used to be like you, I started off serving anyone who would pay (am I right) but all that did for me was create overwhelm and burn out so dang fast. Next, I went on to go - ok, this is my ideal client but it was a range, not specifics - it was 25-45 male and female, own a business from startups to global empires. Now little did I know that those global CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Empire magnates weren’t even noticing me because I was so all over the shop with my message, content and so so unclear on who I was actually serving. Then, I got savvy on my dream clients. I go so dang specific I could tell you what size shoe she wears. I know exactly who it is that I would love to work with and with this, it doesn’t mean I am not serving any others, quite the contrary, what it means is my content and my attraction is direct to my dream client and through doing this I am attracting others along the way.

Number 2.- Consistency - How can you create a strong brand message if you are a hot mess? Once again, friends, I used to be you, I was that hot mess, the creative chaos and cyclone that ‘got lucky’ some times. That was until I started doing some trial and errors and thought what the heck, I'm showing up for me, for you, my dream client, shout out to my girl holly (my ICP). Once I began showing up consistently things changed for me and my business. I began getting more enquiries, people were engaging and relating to me and what I had to say. Under all the new likes, under all the engagement, friends, this was trust. Dale Carnegie said that people will only do business with who they know like and trust and this is the magic formula for business, how do we get it,… consistency. OK!

Number 3 - your actual brand message, I can’t see you all here but I want a show of hands if you know, have and deliver a clear brand message?… am I hearing crickets out there? I thought so. So many people struggle with this because they are not clear on the first point and don’t deliver on the second. But most of all they don’t have an actual brand message to pass on, portray and project to others. Your brand message is more than words, its what people perceive you as, your brand as. It gives people a glance into what you can do so they’ll be able to understand how doing business with you can benefit them. Your brand message is not just your verbal or written text, its how you show up, what value you add and should invoke a feeling or action. To put all of this in plain terms, does your ideal client know that you are talking directly to them? Do they resonate with your brand message and do they know that your content is created specifically for them? If your answer is no then your brand message is not as effective as it could be and you will not be attracting your dream client leaving you thinking things are harder than they need to be. Your brand message should want people wanting more of you!

Let me ask you this, how can you attract those who you would absolutely love to work with if you aren’t even clear on that yourself? If you are not clear on who it is you would love to work with, who your dream client is down to the very core, if you are not showing up consistently and speaking with your dream client and if you are not clear on what your actual brand message is, why do you think that just because you have a business it will automatically make money?

So many people think ok, I have my business and all of a sudden it will start to get customers. It doesn’t work like that from the most successful all the way to those just cutting even, it takes work, effort and getting your branding right to do a lot of the work for you friends.

I am forever working on my branding, my brand message, speaking with my dream client, refining my dream client and ways that I can show up consistently and add value to you, my friend. I’m not going to lie and say that it's easy or that I do it in a day but I will tell you that it is totally worth it.

I would absolutely love it if you got something from this if you could share this with a friend.

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