what your brand image is really saying about your business

When I was in my monthly mastermind call the other day, we started discussing our businesses and where we were at, how we have created resilient businesses prior to and during this pandemic and how to really create a business that withstands the fluctuations of any economy. (trust me when I say, I am the baby shark when I sit at this table with great whites - You know what I mean). The discussion moved to through strong brands their businesses were not really affected by what was going on lately. This is my area of expertise so of course I chimed in but what I loved it they all agreed, that strong branding foundations are the core of a successful business.  One of the biggest people in the [virtual] room said that, to him,. If you have high quality images on your  website and social then it says to him that you are serious about your business, your customers, you back your products and services and if you have average images or less then average, to him, he reads that as you aren’t that serious, you just don’t care enough. His words not mine but truth be told, I have to agree with him. The thing is, you can have the best product on the market, the best services that are life changing but unless you have a bit of spark and dazzle about you, chances are people are going to overlook you and your business. So in this episode of that brand show with me as your host, Simone Griffiths, we dive a little deeper into how your brand image can set you up or bring you down and practical tips on what you can do about that.

I created an episode all about this in my podcast recently which you can find here.

I just want to say what you are doing and what you have is absolutely fine to get you to where you are at now. You have come such a long way from your beginning and I really want you to appreciate that, truly, be PROUD OF YOU! I am not here to tell you that you are doing it wrong, what I want to do is share ways that you can use your brand image to attract the right people and stop the scroll. To truly get the attention that you know you deserve. Isn’t it about time you do that??

I am a massive believe in mindset or attitude is 90% of the results we achieve. SO, lets have a little fun and do something with me here. I want you to close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths, now think of where you want to be in 5 years time? Think of what you want to achieve, what you want to have and why you want to do it and have it all? What difference would creating a slight change here create for you in 5 years time. (Don't think I am going all woo-woo here, I am no expert but I know this has helped me many a time).

Now imagine, what if this was your reality? Let me just say, what you thought of right now, I want that for you... so dang bad! I honestly get a buzz when people win at life so when I say I want that for you, with every part of my being, I want you to achieve your success! Why you may be asking, because YOU deserve this and so much more!! Just by showing up today and reading this blog I know you have more in you, so lets take a look at what may be stopping or holding you back from this.

Where is your mind at. When you closed your eyes earlier what did you feel? Did you have this overwhelm of that will never happen, that would be nice buttt or did you have this joy and feeling or knowing that heck yes this is me in 5 years time?

There are so many teachings out there on mindset so I implore you to explore and find someone, some trainings and teaching that resonate with you. For me its not just one but a few. A massive shift occurred for me in Hawaii when I was so dang fortunate to spend time with the one and only, Dr Wayne Dyer - I have spoken about him before and he was (and still is) a massive part in my life. His works are absolutely incredible. I also know a lot of coaches, mentors and mindset masters who are more then willing to help you overcome any blockages you have so if you don’t know any or you get stuck, i'm only a DM away from sending you some recommendations.

As far as tools go there is Tapping, meditation, grounding, mind maps (my personal fav), drawings as in getting creative, vision boards, affirmations there is a whole arsenal of tools that can help you align your vision with your goals and values to achieve success. So after this is done, if you haven’t already, write down those goals and look at them daily. I do this and it acts as a reminder to me that I am taking steps daily no matter how big or small to get closer and closer to these. The overall thing I want you to take home here is this, If you can’t believe it or see it, how can you create it.

So now we know what we need to do re mindset, Let me bring it back into your brand image and how this ties into everything. You know that, to me, your brand is everything in business. Its the real core, the heartbeat of any business and the difference between a remarkable brand and a meh brand is how much you put into it, how clear you get and how solid your brand foundations are. So when I say brand image, yes I am talking about what people see so your photos are a big part of that but its not just that. Your brand image carries over to your website, your social media accounts, your promotional materials, collaborations, anytime your customer has an interaction with you or your team that is what I mean by brand image. In my experience having professional photos is absolutely a must for any business who wants to take it to the next level. I am not just talking about headshots or a nice portrait I mean hardcore branded images.

Your brand image is how people see you and your business, the experiences they have and the platforms you use. You can have the absolute best images taken by the most incredible photographers around the world but if you they aren’t aligned with your audience, with your brand and business then what purpose do they serve. Also, I'm sorry but I just have to say, a pixelated image just isn’t going to cut it either. Trust me, I know.

You must craft your brand image into stone, something that once created is rock solid. We do this not only through photography but creating congruency with your brand messaging, your brand voice, your brand values what I am getting at here is your branding foundations. A clear and strong foundation will last the test of time in any economy. I dive deeper into this in my brand school.

So lets talk photos, take a look at your photos on your social media, your website and anywhere else you are showing up. What do you see? What do you feel they are saying to your audience? What words would you use to describe how you are showing up? Now think about what you would love for people to see, feel and words they would use when describing your brand and business? Is there a difference there? Don’t feel bad, most people will experience this because their brand foundations are built on wet cement and we just need to solidify it a bit for more consistency.

So, how can you change your brand image. There really are two options here, you can do a complete rebrand. If you do this, you want to make sure that you have a solid foundation that you are starting with because rebranding or doing to many rebrands will just lead to distrust, kind of like that takeaway shop that when they have a problem they close down and all of a sudden its a new name but same old same old. You don’t want to be that kind of business. If you go down the path of rebranding make sure you have all your house in order and foundations as solid as a rock.

OR you can pick yourself up, do the work and update. Transition like the caterpillar transitions into the beautiful butterfly, you have something that is pretty good already so why not build on that... Work with someone like me to make it truly remarkable. Yes we are visual creatures so updating your brand image through branded photos is a must, every successful entrepreneur will tell you how regularly they update their branding images (quarterly), but thats not all, you can do an audit on your brand or hire someone to do this for you. Look for the right people. A graphics designer is going to look at your logo, your colours, font types etc and maybe a lil more but that is only one very traditional component of your brand. Look for someone who has experience and builds brands, entire brands, to give you the most from your review. They aren’t super cheap but totally worth it. Or, you can do something crazy and join my brand school which is opening soon. I know this sounds like a sales pitch, its not, maybe more of a humble brag but these are the things that will seriously help you create solid foundations and a strong brand image so that you can achieve your goals, that 5 year vision and beyond. Remember I want you to achieve that that you held in your mind. Your wildest dreams are just waiting for you to stand up and grab them!

Lets go back to what Lewis mean when he said your image can make or break your brand. Most people shop via socials these days. We research and investigate before making our purchases more often subconsciously. Properly branded images can very quickly change someones perceptions of you and your business regardless of what stage you are at. It says, I am here, I am proud, I am professional, I care about you, I am worth the investment into my services or products. I am just going to repeat that... I am worthy of your investment into my services or products. Thats the biggest thing that came from this discussion. The way you are showing up says so much more than what you think. About you, about your products, about your services, about the level of expertise about the care you have and give. If you don’t believe me, why are all the leading entrepreneurs and business moguls branded professionally…. Think on it.

Remember earlier on when I asked you to picture your life, your brand and your business in 5 years time. Maybe you felt it was just a dream, just wishful thinking… well it doesn’t have to be. Doors to my brand school open soon and if you want to join myself and hundreds of entrepreneurs in creating solid foundations and a change now for a better tomorrow I invite you to do just that. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

I can’t wait to go deeper on branding foundations my brand school but for now I hope you - 1 - are going to get updated brand images (or at least review where your at) 2 - know where you want to be in the future (write it down), 3 - understand how creating some small changes in your mindset and things like getting branded images customised for you and what you do can make a massive impact on your brand image and how people immediately see and perceive you.

One last parting gift, please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you are not enough. That your products or services are anything short of amazing, more I am giving you a massive tip here to review and potentially update your brand image to reach the next level with your business. This was straight from the words of big entrepreneurs and business people who literally said they look at the images and if they aren’t professional that says to them that you are serious enough for them to invest time viewing further, looking deeper and potentially doing business with you. I hear you, you are probably sitting there saying well Simone, I don’t want them as my clients anyway. I hear you… that this was just a group of 13 people that felt this way. Well how about this... What if your competitor went and got their brand image on point, now when YOUR clients or potential clients are looking who is going to stand out the most? See how this is relative regardless of who they are.

Regardless, take 5 to do a review on your brand image as it is and work out if you need to update but be sure to celebrate just how far you have come from when you first started your business and building your brand.

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