What you can achieve during a pandemic

When my business first started to slow during this pandemic (2020) I thought it would be over as quick as it came. Friend, I was so wrong but I quickly went into the only think I know which is entrepreneur mode. I started asking myself what can I do differently to bring value to my audience, my community and my clients. Something you should know about me is, I am a dreamer, I love to dream up new and creative ways to share my message.

Either way, business was slowing and I wanted to help people through this as best I could, the only way I know how. So what did I do... Yes, bright and bold just like me, I created a BRANDED (magazine). You can get your free copy clicking on the link <-----

In this, I have created opportunities for businesses to become the spotlight (free of charge) and also reach a global audience and those that they may not have reached previously. There is tips and through provoking ideas for business owners including relevant information to the times and articles on how to build their brands and grow their businesses.

This was just one way that I decided was an effective way for me to help my community. Next I started offering a free 30 minute pandemic proof consultation which all of the clients both old and new found extremely helpful. In this I cover things like revising where they are at, tips on pivoting or creating an extension of what they are currently offering and how to still serve your community.

Below are some of the questions and key points that you can ask yourself if you are finding it quieter than normal for your business right now.

  • Use this time to Build trust. Grow your brand and serve your people.'

  • Don't be afraid to open up and be raw. Share how this has impacted you and your business.

  • Its also the perfect time to plan to come out of this on top. People will either stop or serve. You have the opportunity to decide what side of the fence you are on.

  • What are your customers doing right now?

  • Are they still purchasing?

  • Are they buying big? (AKA the tp hoarders JOKES)

  • Are they staying indoors because of fear of catching the virus, are they still working, are they travelling for work?

  • Are they potentially exposed to the virus?

  • Are they still taking time to do things for them?

  • Why do people need your services/products?

  • What alternative could you do online while the pandemic runs its course?

  • Could you offer packages/education via online courses.

  • How can you add value to peoples lives at the moment.

And something to really get you thinking...

  • Tell me why it would benefit someone to purchase your products or services right now?

These are all the same questions that I asked myself when this first started and honestly, helping other achieve sales, growth and even just a mindset shift is something that is inspiring me even when my business may be affected by this pandemic.

Friend, it is up to you. YOU get to decide how you respond during this pandemic and how you can help others through their you can decide to stop and wait it out. The choice is yours.

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