The art of storytelling...

People don’t fall in love with your business they fall in love with you, your whyd the difference you can make in their lives.

The loyalty, obsession, and engagement of a good consumer/brand relationship comes from the deeper relationships that exist between a customer, and the people behind a business. I can guarantee that no matter what your industry is, the end goal of your brand is to appeal to the right kinds of people Otherwise known as your dream clients.

Its so easy as a business owner and entrepreneur to get so caught up in our own ‘stuff’ when really we should be thinking of our dream clients. One thing that your brand can help make a major difference is that when you get your branding right you’ll find that your revenue or income becomes a by-product of your brand, the positive impact and influence that you have in your customers life. So how do you show that your business is more than what meets the eye when it comes to business and your brand? You must be a storyteller. Lets disccuss how you can create deeper customer relationships and emotional investment into your brand through the power of storytelling. Get your notepad ready because I have some juicy parts in here I know you will love.

What is brand storytelling?

When I was younger I was told not to tell stories we aren’t talking about those stories we are talking about brand storytelling. I think being a pisece I am the dreamer in my family so storytelling is something that I connect with easily but for those of you who don’t know what I am talkinga bout or feel like you don’t have an imaginative bone in your body I got you so keep listening. Storytelling is an effective, and powerful technique that builds emotional investment into your brand.

This is not new, this is something that has been about through all of histry. It has brought villages, empires and kingdoms together and helps them remain connected. It really doesn’t matter if you are a small business, big business or global magnate a brand story ads volume to your voice.

Before you get excited about telling your story, just know that story telling is so much more than just a narrative. Your story is what makes your business unique, why you are unique, what makes you different, now you are so much more than what people first see, am I right, so is your brand and business.

Ok so there is an art to brand storytelling, it doesn’t just stop where you decide. It isn’t what tell others (could you imagine if it was what a crazy world we would live in). To tell your brand story it is also influenced on what people believe about your brand, your business and what people are saying about it. To sum it up I would say that your brand story is the entirety of who you are, the facts, feelings, perceptions, emotions, interpretations and the ideas that are from you and from others. You can only dictate part of your brand story but this is where your foundations really come into play but… people are going to talk anyway so why not work on your narrative to direct the conversation…

So how can you tell your own brand story? Im pretty sure we all love a good story. A hero, the villain, the narrative, plot twist and eventuing of events. I mean from way back to the caveman and women drawing on the rocks. We have always been storytellers, Have you ever stopped to wonder why we love stories, there is an actual science on this… when we listen, read or share stories we experience a chemical reaction in our minds. This helps the listener to feel an emotion. Your brand story is your narrative of who you are, how you got there, where you came from, why you started, why you keep going, your story is your goals, your audience and the very reason that you exist. Your story is not just about you as I said earlier, your story includes your audience, the places you go and the impact you make on others. I have always been a massive believer in the best way to achieve my own success is through helping others to achieve theirs first. I will stand by that 1000% for anyone who tries to deny the truth of this. So your brand story really becomes a village story, a tribe story, it becomes something greater than your own. Have you ever heard your tribe attracts your vibe… There is value in that.

What your brand story does and through sharing your story you attract those who. Resonate with it, with you and with your struggles, triumphs and beyond but when you share your brand story your breathing life into a commodity, breathing life into your business. This is why I say your brand is the heart and soul of your business.

When you share your brand story you must of all things, let me hear it, be consistent yesss that’s right. I just know that you were going to say that then! You can share your story anywhere but you must be consistent with this. You don’t need to share your whole life story but that which is applicable and relevant to your brand.

In the digital world we live in, do not underestimate the social savvy consumer who can smell a lie a mile aways. The slightest inconsistency in your brand, your brand image, your brand messaging,your brand voice or a fault in your story instantly pours ‘fake’ all over everything you have worked for. If you are not authentic in your brand story and people notice, your entire image is ruined. Your trust with your audience begins to disappear and it’s a massive task to get that trust back.

One area that I notice people going wrong with storytelling is that they take the concept of a story to far and begin to become greater than benhur and in reality their brand identity becomes more like a novel, they become what they ‘think’ their customer wants to hear but not what they actually want to hear. So when you share your story, keep it real, keep it personal and keep is authentic. Use your real life experiences, your journey and your compelling moments that have created the biggest change for you in your life (mostly in relation to your brand and business).

Does that sound like something that you can easily do? Im going to drop a big heck yes right here because it doesn’t have to be perfect my friend, you just need to start!

Start sharing your story the benefit of sharing your brand story will far outweigh your individual foundations. People are emotional beings and we make decisions within seconds, if your story resonates with them (and it will resonate with people) you will have a loyal and raving fan of who you are, what you do and the impact you are making on the world. I say this because I truly beliveve you have something great to share with the world so start here, start with sharing your brand story.

I have my brand school opening up which I go deeper on all things branding including your brand story, provide real examples and guides to help you get clarity and structure to your brand story. Together we go deep on how you can create the most authentic brand story that your dream clients cant help but hear and relate to then act. If this is something that you want to learn more about, if you want to create an impact, make more money, grow your business and create something remarkable, you can join me here to sign up for more info, registration or join our waitlist.

Finally, one of the absolute biggest benfits you can experience with sharing your brand story is that it is a step towards your remarkable brand and business. Your remarkable is what helps you to stand out of a saturated market, no matter what industry you are in, what niche you focus on chances are you have competitors big and small and they are all hoping to get a bigger piece of the pie. Your brand story is part of your remarkable and people notice remarkable before they notice very good. So in todays world you must be remarkable to be more than seen, being remarkable you stand out of the crowds. Share your brand story and use this as an effective tool to build relationships, connections and genuinely and authentically have an impact on those around you.

I would love to know what your ‘aha’ moments are so go over to facebook or Instagram and share it, give me a tag so I can celebrate this with you! As I said earlier I love a good story one that is real, authentic and genuine so share your own story my friends and lets connect further. If you got something from this post, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with a friend and if you have any interest in creating your own remarkable brand and want to know more on how to do it, you can find out more info at Brand School.

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