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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Today more than ever we know the BEST WAY TO SELL ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING is online. We know we can get THE BEST REACH, THE GREATEST EXPOSURE and THE GREATEST CONVERSIONS through online marketing. I mean, when my parents were starting in business, they were limited to those they could call or go meet face to face. Now when I started my business, the whole world was literally at my fingertips!

How do we leverage on these and actually engage and connect with people on these online platforms? Through your BRAND, CONTENT that connects, engages and converts and developing a strong online COMMUNITY.

We are VISUAL creatures and EMOTIONAL beings. You literally have two seconds to capture someones attention for them to stop and look at your photos, read your content, click your link or visit your web etc etc. If you fail to connect here, they keep on scrolling.

So, how do we capture someones attention? I’m so glad you asked, this is where my expertise comes in as a branding photographer - We create a visual brand. We create imagery that is authentic, unique and ALL YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! Now im not saying that the perfect photo will speak to everyone, but it will speak to your ideal client, those who are looking for your service and a few that just get curious and click though they never really knew they were looking for you.

Symbiotic with Personalised Branding Photos is your content creation, lets say, you have a great photo to put up on your socials. It summises everything about you, your brand and your business. So you add a line or so to it and post, but you hear crickets. When you look into it, you got a few views but nothing…. Again, I step in as your Branding Photographer and say – lets work on your content! You have it all there im just going to help you bring it out in a painless method I have created.

Lets backstep just a little – you have your photo, lets say that you posted it up and someone liked it and clicked through to your signup page or made a purchase. Here is the critical point where we gain exposure for our brand. From here we create a branding journey to help your customer get to know you, learn to like you and begin to trust you. Without these three things, Know, Like and Trust you will find it very difficult to keep them as a customer.

With this, lets go a different direction and say, this person signs up to an offer you have or list but doesn’t buy. We still create this journey for them and how to we nurture them through this process – WE create a BRAND that has the CONTENT congruent with your brand message, it gives them something of value, it solves a problem (that they may not have even known they had) or it shows them how to achieve a process or task they do not have expertise in. Through doing this, you have allowed this person to know you, like you and trust you. You will most definitely be first in their mind when your niche comes up.

Here is a fun fact – All of the above, ALL OF THE ABOVE – this is why its super super super important to have congruency with your content and branding photography to who you are, what your brand stands for and what your ideal clients really want and need. With misalignment of either part you will literally be pushing Sh!* up hill my friend. Finding your working hard and doing all these things but without creating your authentic voice and showing it in everything you do, you will do twice as much for half the results.

Ok, I’ve packed A LOT of INFO that you can use in here but this as a whole summarises my experience with Branding and Personal Branding Photography and Content Creation. We transition from being just a business with a logo into being a business that cares about the customer, that’s open and real and receptive to their wants, needs and desires. We create branding images that stand out and attract attention, couple this with content to match, generate growth which converts to $.

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