How to STAND OUT in a Saturated Market

Hey there, a lot of times I get asked by entrepreneurs and business owners about how to stand out when so many people are doing the exact same thing. Friends, I am a photographer so trust me when I say 'I GET IT'. Anyone and everyone is a photographer these days all of varying skills and styles but still a highly saturated market. I mean, even if we look at my specialisation of Branding Photography - There are more and more people picking up the camera and being a specialist in branding. Which leads me to a whole other topic of how do you find the right Branding Photographer for you. (maybe my next post).

But. Lets get back to the standing out. One thing that has always rang true to me, and something if you have ever attended one of my talks around the country is the saying 'Anyone can do what you do, but nobody can do you!' Im going to go back and repeat that - ANYONE can do WHAT you do, but NOBODY can do YOU! Am I making sense here? So many others can pick up a camera, so many others can bake a cake, so many others can be that life coach or reiki master but nobody can do YOU! That my friend is how we stand out in a saturated market! We do US! We lean in and show our authentic self, our true creative flair and create a customer experience like no other that can only come from us.

Personal Branding is all about building your brand around you. Using yourself and your secret weapon! How cool is that. You already have it in you, so today, right now, I want you to start to harness your own damn self and stop trying to be what you think others want you to be and start being you. Be you when someone walks in your door, be you when you post on social media, so people your funny side, your bright side and your real life side. People want to connect with YOU not your business. I guarantee if you start to be YOU in your branding moving forward your competition will not be able to keep up!

Be YOU, Unapologetically! Be YOU, Authentically! Just relax and be you!

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