How to fling mud

I did a podcast on beating the overwhelm with two amazing Jennifer Marilyn who you can find at and Kylie King who you can find at on the mumpreneur life podcast. During this episode I gave an example of taking imperfect action and not taking anything negative about it personally. For this I use the phrase, slinging mud. I never really new how much it would stick (get the pun). It wasn’t something that they had heard in that sense before and as I explained it further their feelings and reactions validated the phrase so I am going to share this with you so that you too can throw mud at the wall and see what sticks without the fear of judgement, need for validation and help you to beat the overwhelm of social media and content creation and most importantly, continue creating.

So, heres what I want you to do, go and make a mud pie (kind of like a snowball) and break it into 6 or so smaller mud pies. Now think of what ideas you have going on for content, topics, posts it can be anything, then label these. Now I want you to throw it at the wall... just kidding I don’t want you to literally do this but figuratively do this in your mind and on paper because the analogy of throwing mud really helps take away the personal side of things for ideas and topics that you may not have already shared because of the fear of the good opinions of other people, the overwhelm gets to much or you don’t think that you or the idea is good enough.

Friend I am here to tell you , you are good enough, your worthy of this space right here so don’t overthink or complicate this. Just metaphorically create a mud pie and throw it and see what sticks. Through doing this I have taken away my ego and personal feelings when it comes to content and ideas. To me, every time I throw out a new idea or concept and I think its great, all like oh dang girl people are going to love this… and I hear crickets… I used to beat myself up so bad, I was so harsh on myself until I started ‘throwing mud’ then it took away my own personal feelings and I could post anyway, I would put it out there anyway and if people loved it then great, but if they didn’t…. I wouldn’t let that stop me, I would move onto my next mud pie and throw it at that wall.

You can use this as a strategy for your brand, for your social media and for your business. I don’t recommend using this loosely for your brand and business however for social media this is perfect. Because as a brand strategy I am forever testing the waters to see what people want and as things change where I can best be of service to you. So throwing mud can definitely be a strategy for you with your socials to test out the waters on an idea, downloadable and course topics. I particularly like this for those who are starting out or conducting research for a new product or service.

Throw some mud, have some fun and record the details. The data does not lie. People will react with where the market is at the moment and they wont to things that aren’t so you have two options, bank the idea for later or toss it to make room for a new one.

Its funny I have actually just done my revision to my ‘little brand book for entrepreneurs’ which isn’t a planner, isn’t a journal but more like a guide, kind of like having me as your bestie working with you each quarter. And yes that title is supposed to sound like its taboo because in comparison to traditional branding, it is. This isn’t for everyone just like I am not but this idea I threw out there at Christmas time and guess what, it stuck so here it is. Were there other ideas around then yes but they didn’t stick so I didn’t waste my time on them… for now. But in this book I have held space for just this, what stuck, what didn’t and what to bank. I also help you tally where your market is heading based on your ideas so you can create more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.

Do you see where I am going with this here? It doesn’t matter what it is that holds you back, you can overcome this. Kind of like, you can do anything for a minute. That is so true as is, you can keep up the momentum and throw another mud pie.

We throw mud at the wall with our ideas being the mud and see what sticks. We do this without hesitation, without overthinking or allowing the feeling of overwhelm to creep in so that we can just get it done because in my experience, the second you let that creep in, its like a snowball rolling down a mountain and its so hard to stop until you toss the idea which may very well be the next big thing. but you will never know if you don’t throw it out there.

Something else that I think is a great way to just get it done is to actually do it anyway. Who has ever stood at the bottom of a hill that you knew you had to get to the top but it felt so dang high and like it would be so dang hard. Who here made it harder than what it needed to be just by thinking that?? I know im guilty of it. But one step at a time you will be able to achieve this, great things were accomplished through small actions. So next time you are looking at something and it feels like its the biggest tallest mountain to 1- do it or 2 - achieve it. Just start and I guarantee that your future self will thank you for it.

Not everything will be worth pursuing and not everything will be your golden goose, your money maker but friends, if you throw some mud and see what sticks, take those steps to reach the mountain top and use your results to work out where you need to be you will be serving your market with what it needs, chances are you are making your ICA’s needs and wants fulfilled and will be making some money from this.

I encourage you to keep throwing some mud at the wall and seeing what sticks because markets change, trends change and if we don’t keep up or one step ahead we will end up behind.

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