How to find the right Photographer for you and you're Brand

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Hey friends, following my last post, I am always getting this, "but Simone, you aren't in my city, or you wont be here till May next year. How do we know if someone will give us what we want?" My first response is #travellingbrandphotographer - I travel but there are so many entrepreneurs and business owners in areas I don't travel to at the moment that want to get branding done. So heres how you can gauge if a photographer is 'right' for you're brand.

1, Do they specialise in Branding??? I get asked to shoot people that often have had another session prior to them contacting me. And thats ok. The previous photographers some have taken great photos but they don't quite capture the essence of their brand and just missed the mark. I don't say this stick in the mud any other photographer, I always recommend they ask for a reshoot first but what I can tell you is, if your after branding, perhaps your family, newborn or pet photographer may not be the best option here. Just as I steer clear of newborns and other types because its just not my thing, there are many other great photographers in those fields. But branding, thats when I get ignited.

Depending on how specific you are with your guidelines for your branding sessions and what you wish to achieve, I would ask for credentials of someone who says they specialise as there are many people today who claim to specialise but haven't 1 got the experience to claim so and 2 haven't actually studied anything specific to branding or branding photography. I personally began my specialisation when I travelled to the US where Branding and in particular Personal Branding is massive. I took courses on Branding, Brand marketing, Personal Branding, Personal Branding Photography, Social Media marketing, Content courses if it was relatable to Branding I was soo into it. I feel like after this it give me the qualifications to call myself a Specialised Brand Photographer. Best do your checks before you outlay your cash to be sure you get what your looking for.

2, Whats your feel for them? If your feel is off then is it something internally with you or is this your intuition saying nu-uh? If you don't vibe with your photographer then this will show in the images. I totally get this and I don't vibe with everyone and people look elsewhere. Im totally cool with that because I have my clients and we click so my shoots are more like hanging out and having fun more than working for all of us.

3, Do they have a style that best suits your brand? Many photographers take amazing photos but sometimes their style isn't the right match for your brand, and thats ok. If they have a style that matches your brand then go for it, if they have a style that you love but it doesn't match your brand then perhaps you need to look at your brand style or find a photographer who does.

I have clients asking me for specific things, I can tailor my service to their specific needs each time. If you really want to work with this photographer then reach out and see if they can meet your specific needs and wants for your brand.

4, Are the costs all inclusive or are there extras. I hear all the time about Entrepreneurs and Business owners getting so frustrated with photographers who are charging extras on top of their service after the fact. When engaging with a photographer be sure to get an exact quote if they are quoting or check out what their packages entail properly. Don't get stung at the end of your shoot and loose photos because of this.

5, Do some work. Now friends, this is not all on your photographers shoulders, we may create magic around our photography but we are not miracle workers so you need to do some work and put in some effort to get really clear on what you want. Talk to your tog if you're not sure or just want some ideas to bounce back and forth. I am forever bouncing ideas with my clients. I love that because it helps me get to know you better but also helps us both arrive on the same page before our session.

BIG takeaway here is do your research but be kind to yourself and others, we are all human so put in some effort and listen to your intuition, if a photographer is not for you then thats ok just tell them. If you have any questions about branding or how to source a Branding Photographer in your area, shoot me a message and ill be sure to connect you up with my growing list of locals around the world who are reputable Branding Photographers or I'll let you know when I'll be heading your way next.

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