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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I love the Dr Suess book - Oh Baby the places you will go. I especially love reading it to my daughter. I often think why and then all I do is this of the places I have been and BAM warm and fuzzies come a rolling in.

Travelling isnt a necessity, its totally optional but its super important what I do when I travel - BRANDING, Personal Branding Photography and Content Creation.

I am a woman on a mission and trust me it wanes from lets keep doing this to HOLY HECK YEAH IM TOTALLY ROCKING THISSSSS but you know what at the end of each day I love what I do and I'm so proud that I can create such a big impact on others and their businesses.


When I travel I love getting into the locals hotspots - don't confuse the two - local hotspots and locals hotspots - one is a touristy thing and the other is the real hangouts - the genuine crowds who just want to chill and do their thing. Thats my hotspot - those are my people. Its always comforting knowing no one is trying to impress anyone, there is authenticity, building of genuine relationships and true connections. I mean I could get this anywhere but when people are truly authentic you just know it and I'm my experiences its in their own.


On my travels some crazy random and exciting things happen. Come on an adventure with me and you will no doubt find out. BUT - The amount of times Ive gone to countries what felt like they were 10ft under snow, rained the whole time, winter destinations - I didn't pack my swimmers but man I wish I had. One thing I love is to enjoy the travelling and locations just as much as the branding sessions I do in these places just as much.

3. Sometimes we get into situations we think - crap what am I going to do. These situations haven't ever turned out bad for me but luckily I have learnt from these and word of advise - have your wits about you and just don't end up in those situations! Like taking a back road to go to the middle of no where on my way back to Chicago - probs don't do that. Nope! Just don't! LOL

4. Learn to go with the flow. When we travel things don't always go to plan. Learn to let it go and k-sara Sara whatever will be will be. Just go with it. Its all part of the adventure right! Unless your kidnapped by gorillas in a South American jungle... then probs don't be so chill about it!

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