What is Brand School?

Brand School is a 6 module, online based training program that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to brand their business right to, attract the greatest clients, achieve more sales and create a greater impact through their brands and business. It doesn't matter if you have an existing business or are new and ready to grow, Brand School is the place for you. Inside you answer the tough questions, there will be challenges and you will need to do the work but the rewards of doing the work is you will achieve the highest level of clarity around not only your brand but your business and your purpose. Brand School is your partner to growing your brand and business, achieving success and gaining clarity like never before. I specifically designed brand school to help you: Understand what a brand is and how important this is for your business Gain clarity around where you want to be, your dreams and goals Define your brand foundations
Have a greater understanding of how each of your foundations create a truly remarkable brand, a remarkable business and a remarkable expereince for your customers Leverage your unique strengths Maximise your growth potential Achieve more through smarter, more consistent actions Build trust with your dream clients and entire audience Create an incredible customer expereince through your brand
Charge what you are worth (and still have people purchase) Sell more products and services without being 'salesy' Use your brand to leverage your business into profitable, purposeful and remarkable business through a remarkable brand that beholds and empowers you and others. I have expereinced navigating this alone and it's a tricky, overwhelming and frustrating path. This is why I created Brand School to help you gain clarity, make more money, have an impact on those who you serve and create your truly remarkable brand. No sugar coating it here, you will have to do the work, that's guarenteed. It will make your mind hurt at times but the end results are life changing and totally worth sticking around for.

When Can I Start?

Brand School opens for enrolment only twice a year. This happens usually for two weeks in the first half of the year and again once more in the second half. Once you are in Brand School you are in for life. This is to allow you to fully explore and update as your business grows, your dreams and goals become larger and greater than before and your dream clients evolve. Brand School allows you to complete each module at your own pace or you can join those who complete it within the 6 weeks.

What if I miss enrolment, can I join after Brand School starts?

No, unfortunately due to the high demand and limited places once enrollment closes you will have to wait until the next enrolment period. You can always sign up to the waitlist to ensure you get the first access to the next Brand School class and get access to the amazing free resources in the interim to help you get started.

Who is Brand School not for?

Though branding is applicable to everyone in business, public figures, celebrities and those who are in some form of building professional relationships with others, it is not for everyone.

  • If you aren't prepared to put in the work then Brand School is not for you.
  • Should you already be an expert in branding, marketing, business, content and online marketing then Brand School is not for you.
  • If you are wanting to learn about finances, tax, litigation or anything legal, this is not the right plact for you.
  • If you want to join so that you can market your business to other Brand School members then no, this isn't the right place for you.
  • If you think that you can join the course and swipe all the information, resources and tools then Brand School is not for you.
  • If you think that you can complete Brand School and immediately go 'viral' or quadruple your income overnight then it is not for you. I believe that through consistentcy and purpose you can achieve remarkable things.
Brand School is about creating a genuine, authentic and remarkable brand for you and your business to genuinely connect and make an impact on this earth!

Who is Brand School for?

If you want to be somewhere closer to your dreams and goals by the end of the week, month, year and beyond, then Brand School is for you. If you wish to learn how to create a purposeful, rounded and remarkable brand and business then Brand School is for you. If you want to create an impenetrable brand that withstands any economy, Brand School is for you. If you want to have a larger impact with your business, thats aligned to your highest values and congruent with who you are and what you stand for then Brand School is for you. I want to work with those who are truly committed to achieving their success. Those who are fully committed to doing the work. Those who are ready to set up strong foundations and show who are committed to making a difference not only in their lives but the lives of others. If this is you, its highly likely you fall into one of the below categories. THE GO GETTER You have your own business, its successful (mostly) and you are ready to take it to the next level. You want to save time, yet sell more. Brand School has teachings just for you. THE AMBITIOUS If you have big goals for yourself and your business. Your ambition to succeed is what drives your dream. If you are just starting and want to get off to the right start. Brand School has paved the path for you to start and grow with your best foot forward. THE DREAMER If you, like your dreams are nothing short of fantastic then Brand School is for you. Why? Because I want you to achieve those dreams and goals. Just like you, I too am a dreamer and Brand School is a part of that dream. If you want to create a reality that only you can dream of then Brand School is the place for you. THE HUSTLER You have your ides, it might be in the form of a side hustle already but you know what you want and you want to do it right, from the beginning you want to invest in your success and create an impenetrable brand and business. If you are a hustler then Brand School is for you. The teachings in Brand School provide you everything you need to go from startup, side hustle or ready to grow to turn it into something amazing, truly incredible and a profit generating machine. If you resonate with any of the above then Brand School is right for you!

What is the Cost or more importantly the Investment?

Cost is such a literal term, I don't think that doing Brand School costs you anything, in the long run but moreso, not doing Brand School is the thing that will cost you most. Answer this question - What is the cost to you, your business, your time and your family if you don't invest in Brand School right now? Will you turn more potential clients away? Will you sacrafice your time over and over and over again, feeling burnt out or stressed and at what sacrafice will not taking action today mean for you? When you make payments towards your education, your business, your brand, you are investing in your future, investing in you, investing in your success. Your Investment in Brand School is just that, AN INVESTMENT, in fact through investing in Brand School you are investing in YOU, your commitment to creating change and doing things differently to grow, help others and make an impact in your business. I also offer a payment plan and Scholarships. Join the wait list for more information.

Is there another way to join Brand School if I can't afford it right now?

Yes. I believe that everyone deserves to get an education and be able to create for themselves and their families a better life. This is why I offer a limited number of scholarships to my Brand School each year.
If you joined the waitist you can find out more information through your inbox on how to apply for this amazing opportunity.

How does Brand School Work?

Brand school is a virtual (online) 6 module program with modules that are easy to follow, workbooks for that added comprehension, video tutorials, swipe files and guides to help you achieve your very best. Brand school is an exclusive course with it's content only available to students of Brand School through the Brand School platform. To give the best to Brand School students, applications will only open two times a year. During your time in Brand School you will have access to Simone Griffiths during the 'Office Hours' group live where you can get insight, strategic advice and answers to your questions and the facebook group for your class and alumni. You will have access to Brand School for as long as the program exists.

What makes Brand School Different

Ok, I accept that with the internet and this thriving tech world that we currently live in, literally everything is at our fingertips. If I were to check I could guarantee that there is more free information available on every subject you could possibly think of. The thing with branding is, there are so many people who have varied, warped and inconsistnet ideas of what branding is that are creating free information for you to easily access. One thing that I have found is that you need to know aht you are looking for in order to make some sense of this. If you have no idea what to look for you can very easily be led 'down the garden path' and into a vortex of information that can leave you even more confused, overwhelmed and unsure of what you need to do. If I am being completely honest there is no secret formula or miracle sequence that will make your brand remarkable, I am all about, what you put in, you get out, so you must do the work! I have created Brand School to be different for this reason. I simplify the process of branding. I have broken this into small manageble modules that you can take and impliment immediately into your brand, and therefore into your business. Yes, I have my own method of doing things, that works for me and countless others which I give to you in Brand School but it's deeper than that. I am genuinely in your corner wanting you to succeed, achieve your goals and become the best you can through your remarkable brand which in turn creates a remarkable business.

Is Brand School right for my industry or niche?

Ok, let me be clear here, I am not going to create your brand for you during brand school. Nor is brand school about a specific industry or niche. However, what I teach is applicable to any and every industry and niche. Working with many businesses, personalities and public figures in many industries, these foundations and principals remain the same. As you progress through Brand School you will learn that the tools, methods and processes that I teach you are applicable to all brands and businesses from micro niching through to any industry.

What if my question isn't covered here?

Please get in touch, email me at and I would gladly answer your questions.